What is Miterless?

Miterless post caps are made without any Miter Joints. This means that water and moisture are blocked out completely from the inside of the wood. Cut from a single piece of mahogany, our post caps will outlive every other cap on the market, and maybe even your fence or deck post.

Our Materials

100% Copper All our copper will Patina naturally Pure copper will always change color and blemish in the elements unless pre-treated with a clear lacquer metal spray (sold separately). Cut from a single sheet of copper and stamped to the appropriate size, there are zero joints or welds at the corners; this prevents the metal

What is Captiva Brand?

The idea of CAPTIVA BRAND was established 10 years ago when we entered into the world of fence & deck post cap manufacturing. Our goal was to produce the only Miterless wood post cap. We wanted to design a post cap that would absolutely never split apart at the corners. This would give our customers
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