Our Materials

100% Copper

All our copper will Patina naturally

Pure copper will always change color and blemish in the elements unless pre-treated with a clear lacquer metal spray (sold separately). Cut from a single sheet of copper and stamped to the appropriate size, there are zero joints or welds at the corners; this prevents the metal from separating or splitting at the corners. They are 20-gauge pure uncoated copper, polished to a bright shine that will patina to a green color over time. First, they will go through an “ugly duckling” stage where they turn from shiny to a dark bronze color. Eventually they will become the familiar patina green we are all so familiar with.

If you want your post caps to stay shiny you must spray a clear lacquer (for metal) to preserve the initial look. Be sure to spray when there is no moisture in the air of the spray will bubble.

Stainless Steel

Unmatched durability with a traditional look

Using the same process as our copper post caps, our stainless caps are stamped from a single sheet of 100% stainless steel and come in a wide selection of common sizes. There are no joints or welds at the corners and they will not split apart. Uncoated 20-gauge stainless steel will age over time, so treating with a clear lacquer metal spray (sold separately) is advised to prolong the initial shiny look. Each post cap is shipped with two stainless screws for mounting.

Miterless Wood

Absolutely the best way to protect fence and deck posts

We manufacture our post caps out of Kiln dried Mahogany wood. This is one of the most dense woods on the market which will protect your fence or deck for many years. The wood is placed in an oven to remove 90% of the moisture from the wood. Each board is cut and shaped into individual post caps of different sizes. They are then sanded to give you a smooth finish. Since we are the original designer of the MITERLESS wood post cap we have solved all the potential issue that can arise in manufacturing. We are the only company to offer a lifetime guarantee never to split at the corners. Mahogany can be stained, painted or just left alone to turn gray.

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